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Living la vida Lila Festival

Colombia | 2023

We were in Bogota for the first festival of art and diversity, Living la Vida Lila, in partnership with the Valor Diverso Foundation, where different activities were shared for a whole day.

We shared workshops focused on mental health and art, we had an exhibition hall with works of diverse artists and LGBT entrepreneurship fair, and we also had a stage with the participation of different artists from the LGBT+ sectors of the city, as well as friends and allies. 

The day ended with a special dinner attended by different leaders and people working for the vulnerable LGBT+ sectors in the country, and where the day was successfully concluded, bringing together more than 120 people at the meeting and counting with the company of 12 entrepreneurs, 27 works of art and 18 presentations among which were performers, singers, dances and more. 

Thanks to all the people who accompanied us and were part of this meeting. 


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